February 5, 2013

"Disneyland... Again?"

"You are going to Disneyland again?"

Most loyal Disneyland fans have been asked this question. I have heard it many times before and I am certain that I'll hear it many more times in my lifetime. In the past, my response has typically depended on their tone (as I personally find this question to be very annoying and often judgmental) but that has since changed.

Yes, I am going to Disneyland again. Disneyland is where I can act like a child. It is where I enjoy quality time with my family. It is where I teach my son about traditions and that the world is a wonderful and magical place when you have an open mind and a kind heart. I go there to celebrate my home state of California and to be inspired by the storytelling and, of course, Walt Disney. I go to Disneyland to try new food, to hear live music and to meet up with friends. I love to laugh, to make others laugh and to be around creative and playful people so Disneyland is a perfect fit for me. Yes, Disneyland is my laughin' place.

Recently I had an epiphany. I decided that I will just smile when I am asked this dubious question. I'm not going to get offended or feel judged. After all, I am one of the lucky ones. I have found my laughin' place and I can only hope that the person asking me this question has also found theirs, where ever that may be.


  1. I love your answer! This reminds me of my article on Disney Gals. I know where you are coming from

  2. I love your response to one of the most annoying questions people ask.....I respond in the same way. I just tell people that I love the magic and we feel it....Some of the people who ask me this go camping a lot during the summer months. Well I ask them why they go camping so often, they answer that they like it. I tell them that really camping doesn't change, you do the same thing every time but the adventures each time are different. It is the same with Disneyland. Yes it is the same place but each visit brings on many new adventures and it is a place to be a kid again......it is where our laughing place lives!

  3. I have a friend that cannot understand the attraction between me and Disneyland. However, before I go there, I frequently drop her off at the bus that goes to Harrah's once a week. I just tell her Disneyland is my Harrah's, only I don't have to put up with drunk people, and with my Annual Pass I spend in 1 year what she spends in one week at Harrah's! Just saying! =:o]

  4. Well said.
    I just smile too. I have met some amazing people there and through various Disney pages, such as this. Disney is about love, second chances, magic, and pixie dust. I will ALWAYS go to Disneyland, AGAIN!