November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday To Mickey & Minnie!

Steamboat Willie (1928) is a very important part of both American and Disney history for a number of reasons. It was where we first met one of our greatest heroes, Mickey Mouse. It was where we first saw Mickey's adorable sweetheart, Minnie Mouse. It was notably the first cartoon to successfully use synchronized sound. Yes, Steamboat Willie is very special and you can still feel that when you watch it today. When I hear Mickey happily whistling that familiar tune, I am a kid again and that is the true magic of Walt Disney. I have heard that Walt Disney didn't consider himself to be a "great animator" but I respectfully disagree. Mickey Mouse is the most recognizable and beloved cartoon character of all time and Mickey and Minnie alone have brought countless smiles to children all over the world for several decades. That sounds like the work of a great animator to me.

So, happy birthday to both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Thank you for the memories Walt Disney. My childhood would not have been the same without you.

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