September 12, 2012

Wednesdays With Walt : My Walt Disney Reading Suggestions

If you are like me and you love to learn about Walt Disney, Disney and Disneyland history then there are certain books that you should definitely check out. I myself especially enjoyed two books about Walt Disney that I would recommend to any serious Disney fan. One book addresses Walt the artist and entertainer and the second book aims to instead paint a better picture of who he was as a man. Both books are well-made and full of many wonderful photographs and images. They are both must-haves for any Disney library. Happy reading!

1. The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms and Beyond 
Christopher Finch (Forward by John Lasseter)
Currently $53.55 at

"First published in 1973, The Art of Walt Disney is one of the most successful and influential illustrated art books on American popular culture ever published. This book was the first to reveal the wealth of concept art, animation drawings, and archival material created in the course of animating films. In this newly revised edition, author Christopher Finch has thoroughly reworked every chapter to incorporate the vast achievements of The Walt Disney Company in filmmaking, theater, and theme parks, from Walt’s day to the present, including all-new exciting chapters on Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney Animation along with extensive interviews with their chief creative officer, John Lasseter, and president, Ed Catmull. Offering hundreds of new images and unparalleled access to leading filmmakers and artists at The Walt Disney Company, The Art of Walt Disney will once again capture the imaginations of animation fans young and old."

Praise for The Art of Walt Disney:

“Every student of art should own and study this book.” —Georgia Times-Union

2. Inside the Dream 
Katherine & Richard Greene
Currently $45.68 at

"A stunning, elaborately illustrated biography of the man who had an immeasurable impact upon American culture. This timely biography, told through the captivating and vivid words of those who knew, and studied Walt Disney, provides the most revelatory protrait to date of the man who has become an icon of American culture. More than 70 men and women were interviewed, including friends, employees, and historians, adversaries and rivals, and, most especially, family members, who add a special 'private' context to a very public work."


  1. I would totally agree with you. These books are great. I have a huge collection of books on Walt Disney and Disneyland.

  2. I have inside the Dream. It's a good book. The daughter herself collaborated with the team to make sure the book was accurate to the history.