May 4, 2016

Let's Talk Star Wars...

I want to start this May The Fourth Be With You post by saying that I have loved Star Wars my entire life. I was born in the summer of 1977 just as Star Wars was coming out so I can honestly say that I don't remember a world without it. I was the youngest of three children and my older brother and sister taught me at a young age that Star Wars was something very special. Star Wars would not be a fad; the world would not tire of it. I grew up in a world with spirited lightsaber fights and weekend trilogy marathons. My first Halloween costume was Chewbacca, my first crush was Han Solo and when I was little my family affectionately called me their Little Jawa. Star Wars has always been something that spoke to all three of us, just as it seems to do to most whom have watched it.

My first Halloween as Chewbacca with my brother and sister, 1978.
Uncle Bill showed up at our door to surprise us as Chewbacca, 1978.
All that being said, the only thing that I love more than Star Wars is the Disneyland Resort. So, I get why many Disneylanders are worried about upcoming changes at Disneyland and the future of Star Wars in Disney Parks. Disneyland is a very special place to so many of us and after what most would consider a sizable Frozen-frenzy, I understand why some parkgoers are nervous that something as popular as Star Wars will take over Disneyland. Star Wars and the Season of the Force is definitely bringing a new audience to Disneyland, people whom are visiting mostly to experience Star Wars, not to see Mickey Mouse or to visit with a princess. Those crowds will grow greatly once Star Wars Land is completed.

I'm choosing to have faith in the Star Wars legacy being created at Disneyland. Based on current crowd levels, the powers that be there are successfully reaching many people in a very favorable way. More people than ever are visiting the Disneyland Resort and they are all paying more to do so every year. I am not saying that I don't have my concerns because I do. I'm just saying that Disneyland is a special place that has been created by countless professionals who value both Disneyland's legacy as well as their own artistry and skill levels. Nothing is going to make everyone happy and change is not always welcomed but, based on their impressive track record, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Disneyland has always been meant to evolve and the Star Wars saga is an amazing story to tell. Walt Disney was a master storyteller and I think that he would have loved Star Wars. It has everything a timeless epic needs - brave heroes, formidable villains and all the drama you'd expect from a Shakespearean classic. It is easy to question how and why decisions are being made at Disneyland but today my son and I will go there to celebrate our love for Star Wars. We love seeing Star Wars in Disneyland and can hardly wait to experience Star Wars Land. 

May the Fourth Be With You.

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