August 15, 2012

My Adventures in Disneyland Travel Tip #3 : Packing Tips

A sure way to ruin any vacation is to not be prepared. When traveling, it is always important to bring the necessities for the local climate and occasion and a trip to Disneyland is no exception to that rule. Below is a packing list that you can use when packing for your next Disneyland adventure, be it with or without children. 

The Essentials:
* Valid IDs
* Extra Cash (for tips and more)
* Credit or Debit Cards
* Health Insurance Cards
* Printouts of Hotel and Ticket Information
* Medications
* Toiletries
* Sunscreen
* Sunglasses
* Swimwear 
* Hats
* Comfortable Shoes
* Extra Socks (for after water attractions and sweaty feet)
* Light Jacket (mostly for early mornings and later in the evening)
* Flip Flops (for the hotel, pool and even to change into for water attractions)
* Umbrella or Raincoat
* Small Bag or Backpack
* Phone (with charger)
* Camera
* Camera Supplies (battery, memory card, lenses, charger)
* Sandwich Bags (for keeping your phones and wallets dry on water attractions)
* Autograph Book with Thick Pen (thick pens are easier for some characters to use)
* Mailing Addresses (for gifts and postcards)
* Postage Stamps
* Cooler (for keeping beverages and food cold in your room)
* Band-Aids (for things like skinned knees and blisters)
* Fans and Misters (for summer) 
* Laundry Bags
* Laundry Soap Sheets (for big messes)
* Bottled Water
* Snacks

Additional Suggestions For Traveling With Children:
* Stroller with Blanket (to cover your little one from the elements)
* Juice Boxes (perfect for the park, hotel and restaurants)
* Earplugs (especially for younger children)
* Extra Clothes
* Swim Diapers
* Beach Towel (for puddle park in a bug's land) 
* Water Shoes
* Extra Wet Wipes
* Portable Changing Pad
* Baby Carrier
* Nightlight
* Books for Bedtime
* Favorite Blanket
* Favorite Stuffed Animal
* Coins (for pressing)
* Glowsticks
* Toys

So be prepared. Please don't pack like my son.

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