July 25, 2012

My Adventures in Disneyland Travel Tip #1 : Stay Hydrated

The biggest travel tip that I can give anyone visiting the Disneyland Resort (or any Disney Park) is to stay hydrated. With all that walking and the warm California sun, it is very easy for both children and adults alike to become dehydrated. If you do happen to find yourself or a loved one in need, do not fear. A wide variety of cold and hot beverages can be purchased throughout the resort. However, if you are just looking for a cold cup of water there is no need to buy it if you do not wish to; Just stop by any counter service restaurant or food vendor and ask for a complimentary cup of iced water. While there are numerous drinking fountains throughout the resort, I really appreciate that, unlike many other tourist destinations, Disney Parks cares enough to offer free iced water to all guests. 

Photo Courtesy of My Adventures in Disneyland

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